Outside of the Box Wedding Desserts

It’s a long-standing tradition along with the cutting of the cake, but as couples continue to customize their weddings, foregoing certain traditions is quite common.

The Ring Shot

We can guarantee your Complete Weddings + Events Louisiana wedding photographer will grab detail shots of your rings on your wedding day.

Should the Groom Wear a Suit or Tuxedo?

How do you decide on the attire your groom should wear on the big day?

Do Good Together | Global Partners in Hope

Our annual Do Good Together fundraising campaign has begun!

The Most Epic Reception

So many things stress us out leading up to the biggest day of our lives, but do they have to?

Bachelorette Party Ideas: Dos and Don’ts

While we watch wedding traditions fly out the window (no throwing rice, first looks, getting married outside of a church), Bachelorette Party traditions are changing as well.

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